Saturday, November 3, 2012


Courier services have a billing system. They only ask for the money up front if you are the person sending the money. If they were to ask for the money up front for a service that you do not ask them for, they would not have you send the money to an individual, they would have you send it to a business.

Hello__Dear Esteemed, Customer

Welcome you from Western Union Money Transfer Head office Benin Republic,
we are using this medium to update you of the New Development and
Resolution that was passed today,The board of Power Authority of Justice
Court Order Benin Republic have givens us instruction to notify your
payment inherited funds of (US$12,000.000,00),After the meeting held on
your behalf with order, This is to notify you about the latest development
concerning your payments total sum of $12,000, 000, 00, which left into
our custody, beside,the Power Authority of Justice Court Order has signed
your funds to be starting transferring into your designated address
without any further delay.Be inform that we Western Union Headquarter
Benin Republic has been giving writing to keep posted for all our customer
their name listed reference and your name is among,the purpose of this
urgent information is to use it help all people failed into
victims,meanwhile avoid delaying your fund total sum of $12,000,000,00,you
need to send us total amount of $45,due to you fund transfer access code,
before starting sending your payment

For more than 150 years, the familiar signs of Western Union have stood as
a trusted symbol for connecting friends, family and businesses around the
world. Known today as an innovator in financial services, The Western
Union Company has become an industry leader in global money transfer with
over 410,000 Agent locations in 200 countries and territories,From the
roots of our signature telegram business, we expanded and evolved our
services in 1871 to offer electronic money transfer. Today, Western Union
offers money order, money transfer, payment and prepaid services. While
the telegram is a memory, we continue a long history of connecting people
around the corner and around the globe with financial services that are
fast, reliable and convenient.

Further more, you need to send the total sum of $45,00,right away to use
it pursuing your fund transfer access code,because,all the Control numbers
information, which you would be using to pick all your fund has been
registered reference, because If you calculate what we have putting in,
will know that you have gone too far to quit, After the payment sum of
$45.00, you will start receiving your money every minutes or hours of your
choice, $4,500 by western union until your total amount finished. More
notification, you needed to fill reference form. Avoid releasing the paper
into the wrong hands.

Your Full Name____
Your Full Address____
Zip Code____

Receiver's name_____Nwaeze Benson
Country______Benin Republic.
Text Question______When

The moment we receive the payment of $45 we will forward you the paper to
be picking up your fund one by one, $4,500.00, for each MTCN, we are
looking forward to hearing from you soonest.

I wish you good luck.
Yours in service
Director (Rev.John Joshua) officer